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Black Chain Idler with 16 teeth Black Chain Idler with 16 teeth | Cage for chain tubes | spacer 5,5 mm

Product number: 16100-2

Chain idler for 8 mm axle diameter

61,75 €/piece

This item is not on stock and has to be re-ordered.

High-quality toothed chain idler for mounting into the pull or return strand.
The chain wheel is made of 7075 aluminium and works with 7-11speed chains.
Please take the time to measure up the required dimensions like roll diameter, axle diameter and frame clearance from your recumbent/trike/velomobile.
The distance between frame and idler is available in dimensions 4 mm, 8.5 mm and 13.5 mm.
axle-diameter: 8 mm.

For mounting with PE chain tubes you can order special chain cages with seating lugs.
The dimension between axle/chain idler and the neutral line of the chain is 32.6 mm.
The idler together with spacers and chain cage weighs 83 gramm.

The set contains:
- 1 aluminium spacer between frame and chain idler
- 1 chain idler with 16 teeth
- 1 spacer between idler and chain cage
- 1 chain cage

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