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lugage bag for Milan GT / SL

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einklebbares Fach vor dem Radhaus

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Packing compartment for Milan GT / SL

These compartments can be glued into the body from the inside in front of the wheel housing.

This gives you additional storage space and reduces the tipping point of the three-wheel chassis, because more weight is positioned on the front wheels.

Scope of delivery: 1 carbon lugage bag

We recommend mounting with Sikaflex 552.

- Check the luggage compartment for fit and test the seat on the vehicle and mark the seat if necessary
- Thoroughly degrease the laminate of the body at the adhesive points with a suitable degreaser (petrol, acetone or similar)
- Apply the Sikaflex adhesive to the edges of the carbon component as stripes
- Fit the luggage compartment from the inside and press down with your hand all around
- Allow the adhesive to set for at least 24 hours at room temperature.

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