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Radiale E25-584 32

Product number: 40211-32

Double wall rim for E-Trekking

Weight: 0.545 kg

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With Radiale we have a supplier from Europe who offers durable and high-quality tubeless rims for ebikes.
Radiale is constantly expanding its portfolio with a lot of innovation.

We can now offer all of our velomobile wheelsets with the E25 from Radiale. The E25 has high lateral rigidity and good concentricity. Combined with our high spoke tensions, we can build very durable wheels for velomobiles. Thanks to the internal width of 25mm, many tires from 28mm wide and upwards fit these wheels. This also makes them interesting for trikes.


Technische Spezifikationen/technical specifications:                                
Größe/size:                               27.5"/584mm
Typ/type:                               clincher / tubeless
Farbe/colour:                               Schwarz / black
Legierung/material:                               6063T6
Außenbreite/outerwidth:                               29,0mm
Innenbreite/innerwidth:                               25,0mm
Höhe/high:                               20,0mm
Gewicht/weight:                               545 gr.
Lochzahlen/holes:                               32 + 36L
Ösung/eyelets:                               nein/no
TL-ready:                               ja/yes
Bremstyp/brake-typ:                               disc only
Ventilloch/valve                               SV/FV 6,5mm
Felgenstoß/joint                               pinned
Max. Speichenspannung/max. spoke tension:                               1300N
Max. Reifendruck/max. tire pressure:                               28mm: 8 bar, 40mm: 5 bar
Reifenbreite / tire brightness:                               28mm - 45mm
ERD-Mass (Hersteller / Manufactor)                               559mm
ERD-Mass (inkl. Nippel)/erd-mass:                               563mm
Offset                               0mm
Gewichtsbeschränkung/max. weight limit                               150 kg




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