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Veloplugs red

Product number: 40021

Veloplugs for 8.0 mm rim holes

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Weight: 0.005 kg

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Veloplug - the best idea since the invention of clincher rims!
A rim tape for a 559 wheel usually weighs about 15 grams, 32 Veloplugs weigh only 5 grams.
With fewer spokes the savings are even greater.
Tire mounting is easier with the Veloplugs.
Resilient up to 24 bar (please do not try this! tires, tubes and rims fail long before the Veloplug).

Veloplugs (red) fit in 8.0 mm holes.

Veloplugs can be used over and over.
If the mounting of the Veloplugs into the spoke holes requires a very high force, it is recommended to slightly counterbore the hole. Also the valve hole can be counterbored a little. Thereby the tube can not be harmed, as it lies on the rim without rim tape. www.veloplug.de
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