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Ginkgo Latex Inner Tube 24/28-406mm

Product number: 252806

Latex tube

19,00 €/piece
Weight: 0.048 kg
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This latex tube is especially making vor Ginkgo. This is a 100% latex tubes and not a latex tube of any other tube-manufactor, which make a combination of butyl and latex.
It guarantees low rolling resistance and is very light. The best preconditions for racing or record rive.

Technical Data:
Valve: SV (Sclaverand) 51 mm
Sizes: 406
Width: 24-28mm
Weight: 48 gr.

Please note that latex should not be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. Keep replacement tubing in opaque containers. Pure latex hoses in particular age quickly under direct sunlight and become brittle.

Well, these work great for me and they actually do hold better than other Latex but not when there is a whole.
Thanks Ginko!
Well, My experience i great with these tubes. Yes, they don't hold air like butyl but they hold as good as other latex unless there is a hole or something.
Working fantastic for me.
Hardly keeps air. From 8 bar to 2 bar in 8 hours. Yes, latex tubes do not hold air like butyl ones, but compared to other latex tubes I have used (Michelin, Vittoria) this is really lame performance. So nothing for long distance record riding.

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