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Impeller construction of the company Ginkgo Veloteile

We build wheels since 2010. Our specialties are wheels as well as complete wheel sets for recumbent bikes, trikes, velomobiles, handbikes, kids bikes, cargobikes, kickbikes and folding bikes.

Due to our large rim store, we can use bicycles with different wheel sizes (for example cargobikes) Equip front and rear wheels with identical rim profiles. We hold a large spokes store and can equip even very small wheels with special spokes (for example Aero or DD spokes).

Our wheels are manufactured on customer request and completely measured after completion. All relevant data such as altitude and lateral thrust, spoke tension and the components used are recorded in the wheel log. This protocol is handed over to the customer with his new wheel. In addition, each wheel is provided with a unique serial number. This number is engraved in the rim well near the valve hole. So we can still after years spare parts supply (spare spokes, etc.) to ensure.

All delivered wheels are equipped as standard with suitable rim bands.

You are also welcome to supply us with your components. We advise you and complete your rims or hubs with the right components to build durable and durable wheels for you.

Of course we build individual pieces for the end customer. Are you a dealer or manufacturer and need small series for your production? Then you too are right with us. Call us or send us an Email. We are happy to advise you to assemble the optimal impeller for you.

Your ginkgo-veloteile team

For tensioning the wheel
4,80 € * 1 piece | 4,80 €/piece
For measuring spokes
8,10 € * 1 piece | 8,10 €/piece
prevents twisting of the aero spokes
10,90 € * 1 piece | 10,90 €/piece
Rundgriffschlüssel lang
17,90 € * 1 piece | 17,90 €/piece
For tensioning the wheel
22,00 € * 1 piece | 22,00 €/piece
For mounting the spoke nipples
23,00 € * 1 piece | 23,00 €/piece
Inverted Nippeldreher
24,60 € * 1 piece | 24,60 €/piece
For mounting the spoke nipples
24,80 € * 1 piece | 24,80 €/piece
For preloading the wheel
27,00 € * 1 piece | 27,00 €/piece
Rundgriffschlüssel kurz
29,90 € 27,90 € * 1 piece | 27,90 €/piece
For mounting the spoke nipples in doublewall rims
29,00 € * 1 piece | 29,00 €/piece
Inverted Nippeldreher
31,00 € * 1 piece | 31,00 €/piece
Using customer-owned parts
57,20 € * 1 piece | 57,20 €/piece