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VM Laufradsatz Flat 70 Alexrims MD25-406 | 32

Product number: 600009-9


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The wheelset "Flat 70" is specifically for Velomobiles with open wheel houses as DF and
DFXL InterCity bikes and K, Ks and EvoR.
You can equip it with carbon caps of Beyss light vehicles and intercitybikes.

Should the velomobile wheel houses, like the "pants" from. InterCity bikes are assembled,
we can make the wheels 5mm inside spoke. Thus, the turning circle is obtained.

Application finds an outside turned silver drum brake 70mm with silver DD Laser spokes and
silver anodized aluminum nipples.

The drum brake used, specially made for us
smaller spoke holes. This ensures a perfect fit of the particular
slight Sapim DD Laser spokes. Additionally a spacer between the bearings made of aluminum
is used. This saves weight.

From now the wheelset is constructed with different rims.
This is necessary to cover all areas of application.
Available is the wheelset with rims following:

Kinlin NBR
Tyre width 23 mm - 28 mm; Permissible Total Weight 28L 105kg. 32L 135kg

Gingko 21-406 tl, tubelessready Tyre width 23-40 mm; permissible total weight 32L 135kg

Gingko 25-406
Tyre width 23 mm - 44 mm; permissible total weight 28L 105kg. 32L 135kg; 36L 145kg

Gingko 27-406
Tyre width 32 mm - 60 mm; permissible total weight no restriction

All wheel sets are completely hand-built, trued and dished.
The price includes wheel protocol and rim tape.
All Wheels are signed in rim base and recorded in our database.
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