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Chain Idler Milan SL, Milan GT

Product number: 23105-CNC

Chain Idler with 23 teeth

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Weight: 0.234 kg
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Idler for velomobile Milan SL, Milan GT

The idler body itself is milled from one piece and is extremely torsion-resistant.

This makes the drive train with these chain idlers significantly stiffer in the start and in the sprint.

Technical specifications

for idler Milan GT MK2-5 / SL front:

Outside diameter: 99 mm
Number of teeth: 23

for chain roller Milan GT MK5 / SL rear:

Outside diameter: 99 mm
Number of teeth: 23
with sintered bronze bushing
(this enables the lateral adjustment to the ideal chain line when shifting)

for idler Milan GT MK2 rear:

Outside diameter: 74 mm
Number of teeth: 16

All pulleys are anodized in black.

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