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VM wheelset +flat 90

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The "Flat 90" is available as a "+ Flat 90". He thus becomes a real high performance wheelset.
By arranging the heatsink best heat dissipation is ensured without structural weakening of the hub.
The heatsinks are specially manufactured for use in the drum brake hubs and increase the cooling
surface to 800 cm² per wheelset.

The wheelset "+Flat 90" is specifically for Velomobiles with open wheel houses as DF and DFXL
InterCity bikes and K, Ks and EvoR.
You can equip it with carbon caps of Beyss light vehicles and intercitybikes.

The wheels have an increased braking power and heat absorption by the use of 90mm drum brake
hubs instead of 70mm hub.

Should the velomobile wheel houses, like the "pants" from. InterCity bikes are assembled, we can
make the wheels 5mm inside spoke. Thus, the turning circle is obtained.

Application finds an outside turned silver drum brake 70mm with silver DD Laser spokes and silver
anodized aluminum nipples.

The drum brake used, specially made for us
smaller spoke holes. This ensures a perfect fit of the particular
slight Sapim DD Laser spokes. Additionally a spacer between the bearings made of aluminum is used.
This saves weight.

From now the wheelset is constructed with different rims.
This is necessary to cover all areas of application.
Available is the wheelset with rims following:

Kinlin NBR
Tire width 23 mm - 28 mm; permissible gross vehicle weight 32L 135kg

Kinlin TL21-406 tl; tubelessready
Tire width 23-40 mm; permissible gross vehicle weight; 32L 135kg

Alexrims MD26-406, tubelessready
Tire width 23 mm - 50 mm; permissible gross vehicle weight 32L 150kg

Kinlin DDT32-406
Tire width 32 mm - 60 mm; permissible total vehicle weight 32 holes 150kg

Fratelli FX23ALM, tubeless ready
Tire width 25 - 45 mm, permissible total vehicle weight 32 holes 150kg

Fratelli FX18XCR, tubelssready
Tire width 23 - 35 mm, permissible total vehicle weight 28 holes 110kg

All wheelsets are built, centered and tested completely by hand. Wheel protocol and rim tape are included in the price.
All wheels are signed in the bottom of the rim and recorded in our database.
In the event of damage, the necessary spare parts can be ordered quickly using the wheel number.
The wheels can be completed with our carbon wheel discs .
Conversion to a 15mm axle is also possible. If necessary, please include this in the comments.

Technical specifications:
Hubs: Sturmey Archer drum brake sleeve air-cooled Flat with the appropriate number of holes
Spokes: Sapim Laser in the appropriate quantity, crossed twice
Nipples: silver Sapim Polyax brass nipples
Nipple washers to improve the sloping position of the nipples
rim tape

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