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Black return strand idler

Product number: 10108

Chain idler for 8 mm axle diameter

39,86 €/piece
Weight: 0.057 kg
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High-quality idlers for flat or steep deflection and mounting on the slack side of the bicycle chain.
The basic body is made of POM and works with 7-, 8-, 9- and 10-speed chains.
The design has been adapted to our proven toothed Idler.
An O-ring sits in the inlet of the roller, which dampens any vibrations.
The distance between frame and idler is 5.5 mm; 8.5 mm and 13.5 mm are available.
The idler is available with an axle diameter of 8 mm
For the assembly with PE chain tubes it is possible to order special chain cages with pick-up pockets
The idler, along with spacers and cage weighs grams
The set includes:

- 1 aluminum spacer between frame and chain idler

- 1 return strand idler

- 1 spacer between roller and chain cage

- 1 chain cage

Achsdurchmesser/axlediameter: 8 mm
Aussendurchmesser/outer diameter : 54 mm
Breite über die Schrauben/width across the screws: 18 mm
Breite über die Seitenscheiben/width over the side discs: 12 mm

"Leertrum" is German for "Loose Side" see the diagram on this page: http://www.hchbearing.com/Manuquality.aspx?cid=58&Seccid=245

I would suggest 'return chain path' as a clear and descriptive translation even if it isn't the correct engineering term.

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