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Chain Idler Velomobile Bülk

Product number: 23107-CNC

Velomobile Chain Idler for Bülk

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Weight: 0.234 kg
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Idler for velomobile Bülk

The idler body itself is milled from one piece and is extremely torsion-resistant.

This makes the drive train with these chain idlers significantly stiffer in the start and in the sprint.

All pulleys are anodized in black.

Technical specifications

for idler Bülk front:
Outside diameter: 99 mm
Number of teeth: 23
Axlediameter: 10mm

for chain idler Bülk rear:
Outside diameter: 99 mm
Number of teeth: 23
with sintered bronze bushing
(this enables the lateral adjustment to the ideal chain line when shifting)


With the rear chain idler, it is essential that the axle is not too rough, so that the sintered bronze bushing can slide sideways to and fro with as little wear as possible. This must be checked during installation. If the bronze bushing is too tight on the axle, or if it is difficult to move back and forth due to roughness, the following measures can help: - Clamp the axle in a vise with aluminum jaws and sand down all around with a strip of sanding cloth >120 grit - Clamp half of the axle in a pillar drill or a lathe, first rub off one side with fine abrasive cloth, then re-clamp and sand the other half. It should always be checked that the bronze bush can slide evenly over the entire width. -Finally, for better sliding, pull off the axis with very fine abrasive cloth >240 LONGITUDINALLY, oil a little bit and reinstall.


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