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Mountain drive set for velomobiles

Product number: 85200

Complete set for velomobiles with a square mast

Weight: 1.51 kg
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The Mountain Drive from Haberstock Mobility is a complete geared bottom bracket with a rdustion from 1:1/ 2,5:1 .
Due to the precise production, a very good efficiency is achieved. Both are ideal technical requirements for operation in a velomobile.
The use of a mountain drive expands the development of a normal derailleur significantly to use the velomobile efficiently and with ergonomic cadence to climb steep climbs and also long, fast descents to drive.
Due to the low maintenance, there is no need for adjustment work in hard-to-reach places. The installation is not critical because the Montain Drive is already installed by us in a bottom bracket carriage ready to drive.

The Q factor is only 148 mm. Included in the delivery are:
- Mountain Drive BB50 with bolt circle 110 mm and silver pedal arms with a length of 155 mm
- Bottom bracket slide optionally for - 40/40 mm bottom bracket mast (Milan/DF/DFXL or similar)
- 50/50 mm bottom bracket mast (A7 or similar)

All parts such as pedal arms and shift knobs are assembled and adjusted ready to drive. All you have to do is remove the chainring from the existing bottom bracket and mount it on the Mountain Drive. The clamps of the original bottom bracket can still be used. The chain also does not have to be adjusted if the existing chainring is used. Possibly a length adjustment of the step length can be made if a different pedal arm length was previously ridden.

When using an Mountain Drive, there is no need for a second chainring or front shifter at all. Shifting with the heel while pedaling takes a little getting used to, but is very easy to use. However, with the SPD or Look System, it requires a slight lateral deflection of the shoes in the pedal system. With look you should therefore use pedal plates with 4-6 degrees deflection.

We recommend using an 11-32 or 12-32 cassette. The gears complement each other ideally with large and small mountain drive ratios and there is only one gear overlapping.

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