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air-cooled drum brakes

Product number: 500041

Hub shells 70 mm with Cooling Blocks

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Air-cooled drum brake for fast cars and mountainous topography.
The basis for this hub is the Sturmey Archer drum brake X-SD.
By mounted heatsinks hub can dissipate a lot of heat energy.
So the brakes are less thermally stressed and the spoke tension can not fall so much.
This extends the life of the wheel increases. The air-cooled + hub is available in various configurations.
Make sure when choosing your vehicle.
For the assembly of carbon caps only specimens with machined outer flange ( "Flat" and "Highend" ) can be used.
Technical details:

Hole numbers: 28 and 32
Increasing the cooling surface: 200 cm2
Color: silver, black anodized
Heatsink: black anodized aluminum, 5 pcs
scope of supply: 1 piece

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