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Kinlin NbR-540mm

Product number: 40251

Felge 540 mm light

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Kinlin is one of our most reliable suppliers of high quality bicycle rims. Kinlin hollow chamber rims from our range are delivered without stickers. This has two advantages. On the one hand, they do not interfere with aligning the rim and, on the other hand, the rims fit on any bike thanks to their discreet appearance. They look timeless and elegant.

Kinlin hollow chamber rims impress with their high dimensional stability, very good concentricity and excellent appearance.
The surface of the rims stands out with its even, shiny finish and a very rich color.
These rims are first bent into rings, joined, then drilled and finally polished and anodized.
This ensures that the hollow chamber with the nipple seats is also completely anodized. This achieves a high level of corrosion protection. When assembling and aligning the wheels, you have the advantage that the spoke nipples can be turned much more easily at higher spoke tensions.

The NBR is the narrowest and at the same time the lightest rim from Kinlin. It is completely anodized and has silver overlaid brake surfaces. We have them in stock in many different sizes and hole numbers.

Hersteller/manufactor: Kinlin
Profil/profil: NbR
Technische Spezifikationen/technical specifications:  
Größe/size: 24"/540mm
Typ/type: clincher
Farbe/colour: schwarz / black
Legierung/material: KLM41
Außenbreite/outerwidth: 19mm
Innenbreite/innerwidth: 13mm
Höhe/high: 19mm
Gewicht/weight: 320gr.
Lochzahlen/holes: 24L
Ösung/eyelets: nein/no
TL-ready: nein/no
Bremstyp/brake-typ: v-brake
Ventilloch/valve SV/FV 6.5mm
Felgenstoß/joint gesteckt / sleeved
Max. Speichenspannung/max. spoke tension: 1200N
Max. Reifendruck/max. tire pressure: 23mm: 8,5 bar, 32mm: 5 bar
Reifenbreite / tire brigthness: 23-32mm
ERD-Mass (inkl. Nippel)/erd-mass: 512mm
Gewichtsbeschränkung/max. weight limit 85 kg
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