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Alexrims MD25-559mm

Product number: 40032

Rim 559mm bright, tubeless

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Alexrims is a traditional company in the rim sector and has a huge selection of rims for a wide range of applications in bicycle technology.
We chose the MD25 for our velomobile wheelsets because it is relatively light but also very stable.
This is important so that the rim can withstand the high spoke tensions that are necessary in velomobile wheels.
The inner width of 25mm can handle a very wide range of tires. The MD25 is tubeless capable, but can also be used with the classic tube/tire combination.
It comes with clearly visible stickers.

Hersteller/manufactor: Alexrims
Profil/profil: MD25
Technische Spezifikationen/technical specifications:  
Größe/size: 26"/559mm
Typ/type: clincher/tubeless
Farbe/colour: schwarz / black
Legierung/material: 6061T6
Außenbreite/outerwidth: 30,2mm
Innenbreite/innerwidth: 25mm
Höhe/high: 20mm
Gewicht/weight: 470gr.
Lochzahlen/holes: 32L
Ösung/eyelets: nein/no
TL-ready: ja/yes
Bremstyp/brake-typ: disc only
Ventilloch/valve SV/FV 6.5mm
Felgenstoß/joint gesteckt / pinned
Max. Speichenspannung/max. spoke tension: 1200N
Max. Reifendruck/max. tire pressure: 28mm: 7 bar, 50mm: 3 bar
Reifenbreite / tire brigthness: 28-50mm
ERD-Mass (inkl. Nippel)/erd-mass: 538mm
Gewichtsbeschränkung/max. weight limit 120 kg
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