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Fratelli FX18XCR 26"/559mm

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Fratelli FX18XCR

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Fratelli is known as a Taiwanese manufacturer of the highest quality high chamber rims. Fratelli rims set standards in terms of concentricity, dimensional accuracy and quality.
All Fratelli rims in our range have a matt, glass bead blasted surface and are completely anodized inside and out. The joint is plugged and glued. It is also covered with a printed tape. The logo is lasered into the flanks. All rims that Fratelli manufactures specifically for us have an anodized and very subtle black laser logo, which further underlines the high quality of these rims.

In the wheel area for racing and gravel bikes, the laser logos are applied after anodizing. This ensures better visibility of the logo, which appears in a darker white or silver tone. More detailed information can also be requested from us.

The FX18 is the lightest rim in our range. It is still very durable and one of our most proven velomobile rims for both the front and rear wheels. In this way, a lot of weight can be saved, especially in the velomobile sector.

Hersteller/manufactor: Fratelli
Profil/profil: FX18 XCR
Technische Spezifikationen/technical specifications:
Größe/size: 26“/559mm
Typ/type: clincher / tubeless
Farbe/colour: sandgestrahlt schwarz/sandblast black
Legierung/material: Dynamal
Außenbreite/outerwidth: 22,5mm
Innenbreite/innerwidth: 18,0mm
Höhe/high: 17,5mm
Gewicht/weight: 325gr.
Lochzahlen/holes: 28+32L
Ösung/eyelets: nein/no
TL-ready: ja/yes
Bremstyp/brake-typ: disc only
Ventilloch/valve SV/FV 7,5x6,3mm
Felgenstoß/joint gesteckt + verklebt / sleeved + glued
Max. Speichenspannung/max. spoke tension: 1150N
Max. Reifendruck/max. tire pressure: 23mm: 8 bar, 35mm: 4 bar
Reifenbreite / tire brightness: 23-35mm
ERD-Mass (inkl. Nippel)/erd-mass: 542mm
Gewichtsbeschränkung/max. weight limit 85 kg
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