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SAPIM Polyax brass nipples double square secure lock

SAPIM Polyax brass nipples double square secure lock

Product number: 700190

Spoke nipples, 14G 16-18mm

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Double Square nipples from Sapim can be centered from the rim bed. This reduces the risk of machining marks on sensitive rims. In addition, there is no unsightly scratches on the square of the nipple when clamping the nipple. A square socket wrench is required for UpSideDown or Doublesqare nipples. To build small rims and hubs with large flange diameters, this nipple is not the means of choice. By the stronger Nippelschrägungsetllung in such wheels one comes more badly to the square in the rim. There is a risk that the square of the double square nipple is worn beyond measure. The 16mm Double Square nipple corresponds in length to a 12mm Polyax nipple and the 18er to a 14mm Polyax nipple. -------------------------------------------------------------------------

In addition, this nipple is secured against untwisting.

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