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The Sapim Leader is the spoke for inexpensive standard applications in wheel construction.
It is a smooth spoke with a uniform diameter throughout.

Technical data

Weight: (64pcs x 260mm LG) 431g
Quality: stainless steel
Strength in the middle part: 1080 - 1180 N/mm
thread: 14G
color: silver
form: straight
diameter: 2mm
thread: 14 G
Lengths: 186mm - 310mm

Some of our spoke range is cut to length by hand and the thread is re-rolled.
This is done on professional rolling machines.
The quality of the manufactured spokes is just as high as the original spokes.
We charge a surcharge of €0.05 per spoke.
The hand-made items can be recognized by the attached “H” in the respective item number.

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