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The CX-ray is the spoke with the least fatigue. Due to its unique resilience, this spoke is suitable for all cycling disciplines. It is ridden by top racers and triathletes around the world. Even downhill riders rely on the unique reliability of this spoke. The Sapim CX-ray fits into all common spoke holes. This means that hubs with special spoke holes do not have to be used. It is almost as light as a titanium spoke and more durable than any other spoke in the world. The elliptical cross-section of the middle section makes it the best aero spoke in the world.

Weight: (64 pieces x 260 mm LG) 279 g
Quality: stainless steel
Strength in the middle part: 1600 N/mm
Color: Silver
Shape: j-bend
Diameter: 2.0/ -2.2x0.9- /2.0 mm
Thread: 14G
Lengths: 241 - 310 mm

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