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The Sapim Race is the most popular and most used DD spoke from Sapim.
With the Race it is easy to build up high tensions on the wheel.
It is also significantly more torsion-resistant than the Sapim laser.
Thanks to the thinner middle section, the bend and thread of this spoke are significantly relieved.
The advantage: Longer service life and higher resilience with lower weight.
We use them in our company wheel construction for most applications.
The Race is the spoke we use most often.

Technical data
Weight: (64 pieces x 260 mm LG) 363 g
Quality: stainless steel
Strength in the middle part: 1300 N/mm
Color: black
Shape: j-bend
Diameter: 2.0/1.8/2.0mm
Thread: 14G
Lengths: 186mm - 310mm

Some of our spoke range is cut to length by hand and the thread is re-rolled.
This is done on professional rolling machines.
The quality of the manufactured spokes is just as high as the original spokes.
We charge a surcharge of €0.05 per spoke.
The hand-made items can be recognized by the attached “H” in the respective item number.

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