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Ginkgo Latex Inner Tube 28/36-584mm

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Latex tube

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This latex tube is especially making for Ginkgo. It´s a 100% latex tube and not a mix of butyl and latex. The thickness is 0,5mm.
It guarantees low rolling resistance and is very light. The best preconditions for racing or record drives.

Technical Data:
Valve: SV (Sclaverand) 51 mm
Sizes: 584 / 27,5 inch
Width: 28-36mm

Weight: 80 gr.

Please note that latex should not be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. Keep replacement tubing in opaque containers. Pure latex hoses in particular age quickly under direct sunlight and become brittle.

Be sure to use talc for assembly so that the tube can expand evenly in the tire.

Particular attention is required if wide tires are to be fitted with relatively narrow tubeless rims.
- A little pressure should be applied here first.
-Then the tire should be flexed a little to stretch the tube evenly in the tyre.
-Now the nominal pressure can be pumped up.
-After the tire has settled into the tubeless hump, you should release some pressure to half again. This avoids overstretching in the hump area.
-Now the tire can finally be inflated.

Since the valve stem does not have a thread and therefore cannot be screwed to the rim, it is ABSOLUTELY important to ensure that the valve stem is not pressed into the rim when inflating.
When inflating, gently pull on the valve stem to ensure that the tube is in contact with the rim well in the area of ??the valve.
Otherwise the hose may be overstretched because the hose creeps under the splice of the valve. In the worst case, the hose can burst.

The latex tubes may only be used in rims with a Presta valve hole (diameter 6.5 mm).

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