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Revoloop Race ultra 28"/622mm 18-28 mm

Product number: 252821

TPU tube

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Weight: 0.035 kg

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This TPU tube guarantees low rolling resistance and is the lightest you can currently get on the market.

The best conditions for racing/record runs.

The valve is removable.

Since, contrary to the manufacturer's instructions, the Revoloop tube is stretched quite a bit with 38-40mm tires and the risk of a tube burst increases, we strongly recommend using the Revoloop.tiny Ultra only for tire widths of 35mm.

Technical data:
Valve: SV (Sclaverand) 40 mm
Sizes: 622 mm
Width: 18-28 mm
Weight: 25 g.

Since the valve stem does not have a thread and therefore cannot be screwed to the rim, it is ABSOLUTELY important to ensure that the valve stem is not pressed into the rim when inflating. When inflating, you should ensure that the hose rests against the rim base in the area of the valve by gently pulling on the valve stem. Otherwise, the hose may overstretch because the hose creeps under the adhesive point of the valve. In the worst case scenario, the hose can burst.

The TPU tubes may only be used in rims with a Sclaverand valve hole (diameter 6.5mm).

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