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black return strand idler Standard chain cage | spacer 15 mm

Product number: 10110-9

Chain idler for 10 mm axle diameter

35,87 €/piece
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High-quality idler roller for mounting in the  loose side with flat or steep deflection.
The basic body is made of POM and works with 7-, 8-, 9- and 10-speed chains.
The design has been adapted to our proven toothed Idler.
An O-ring sits in the inlet of the roller, which dampens any vibrations.
The distance between frame and idler is 5.5 mm; 8.5 mm and 13.5 mm are available
The idler is available with an axle diameter of 10 mm
For the assembly with PE chain tubes it is possible to order special chain cages with pick-up pockets
The idler, along with spacers and cage weighs grams
The set includes:
- 1 aluminum spacer between frame and chain idler

- 1 return strand  idler

- 1 spacer between roller and chain cage

- 1 chain cage

Achsdurchmesser/axlediameter: 8 mm
Aussendurchmesser/outer diameter : 54 mm
Breite über die Schrauben/width across the screws: 16 mm
Breite über die Seitenscheiben/width over the side discs: 12 mm

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